New Music From Melody’s Echo Chamber

 Happy 30th Birthday to Melody Prochet!

Melody’s Echo Chamber finally revealed a new track today titled Cross My Heart. It is the first official single since her self-titled debut in 2012. Weeks prior Melody teased fans on Instagram by dropping hints of new music on the horizon. Cross My Heart is produced, recorded and written by Melody (take note haters) with collabs from Reine Fiske & Gustav Ejstes from Dungen & Fredrik Swahn from The Amazing. The full album titled “ Bon Voyage”  will be released on new Prochet owned label Rayonvert Records.

The album artwork was done by Toulouse, France based artist simply known as Silly Jane. In the cover art Prochet can be seen sewing her heart closed or repairing it, take your pick. Either way, the new tune dips into new territory with flute action and even a lil hip hop thrown in the mix. See for yourself and take a listen below!


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