Concert Etiquette 101

Festival season is right around the corner, and you’re going to your first concert, hell yeah!! Or maybe you’re a veteran concert goer. After years of attending shows I’ve collected a few tips on etiquette so you know what to expect. I mean real tips not any of this please-don’t- bump-into- people, don’t- sing aloud, stop- dancing party pooper bullshit. Beer, Sweat, Moshing…. Ahhh the musky scents of a show.

Wear Deodorant!

Think this one is pretty much a given right?…Wrong! More likely than not venues are dark, with a half ass working AC and with that many people in one area sweating is bound to happen. Don’t be that smelly person that reeks of mystery funk put some deo on, maybe even slab on an extra layer.

Put Your Damn Phone Down

Taking of few pictures/videos is totally fine. Obstructing everyone’s view with your hands in the air the entire time, not only makes you an asshole but you also just kind of robbed yourself of being in the moment. Instead stop and absorb the sheer awesomeness of whoever is on stage. Take a few snaps, selfies, videos, whatever, then put it up please.

Claustrophobes, Pregnant Women, Kids, The Fragile…to the back!

We’ve all seen it, the 300 pound guy in the front arms locked on the rail trying to protect his girlfriend from a rowdy crowd and he WILL fight anyone who comes close to her. Sorry dude there are THOUSANDS of people behind you, can’t really help it….unless… guessed it, move to the back where your precious baby, gf, personal bubble etc. will be safe!

There will always be drugs.

It’s unavoidable, I’m actually surprised when I don’t smell a doobie in the air at a show . If you do take the risk and bring some party favors, pro-tip: wait until you’re in the crowd to do them. Sparking up at the entrance is a sure way for things to take a turn for the worse. On the other hand, if you’re straight edge congratulations, good for you but that doesn’t mean everyone needs to abide by your rules. Instead on going on a unwanted rant about drugs next time you catch a whiff of reefer, just ignore it or face away from it. No need to make a shriveled face of disgust!

Stay Hydrated.

The most important rule of all! Summer festivals can have some really grilling temperatures that will have you sweating like a hooker in church! I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen get pulled out of the crowd red in the face and limp. Everyone likes to party but you should party responsible (yes there is such a thing) and drink plenty of water! Especially if you have had something bit harder than the average joint. NO EXCUSES! Fill up that reusable water bottle and save yourself a trip to the ER.

Now put on some comfy shoes and go get ‘em tiger!

Words by Ely Cruz

New Music From Melody’s Echo Chamber

 Happy 30th Birthday to Melody Prochet!

Melody’s Echo Chamber finally revealed a new track today titled Cross My Heart. It is the first official single since her self-titled debut in 2012. Weeks prior Melody teased fans on Instagram by dropping hints of new music on the horizon. Cross My Heart is produced, recorded and written by Melody (take note haters) with collabs from Reine Fiske & Gustav Ejstes from Dungen & Fredrik Swahn from The Amazing. The full album titled “ Bon Voyage”  will be released on new Prochet owned label Rayonvert Records.

The album artwork was done by Toulouse, France based artist simply known as Silly Jane. In the cover art Prochet can be seen sewing her heart closed or repairing it, take your pick. Either way, the new tune dips into new territory with flute action and even a lil hip hop thrown in the mix. See for yourself and take a listen below!